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Everybody thrives differently and of course you know what is best for you. Common sense dictates that we shouldn't eat certain foods or move certain ways if it hurts. Just a note..if you are not sure why you are hurting please consult a health care professional.
That being said us humans need to:
Sleep comes rather naturally for most...I mean the body is going to take over the busy mind at some point and well... have to rest. Good restoritive rest is the challenge. Learn more if you have trouble resting. LINK to Sleep Association
Eating, moving, and breathing with purpose can be more challenging. There are many practice and/or philosophies on how to achieve this perfect balance. Pick the best option for you. Some resources for you to browse: LINK to American Heart Association

We are here to assist though - offering awesome and well known organic foods - carefully chosen supplements - and an ear. Email us and we can help you select the perfect products.

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